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Shirnk Your Photo

Today, I found one of the best image resizer online which can resize the image in term of the file size without losing single pixel. Currently, this one is the best tool for both the blog owner and designer who wanted to reduce photo size without losing its pixels.


I recently checked the website and instantly starting using for my personal blog. I am just sharing it because I know how hard it’s for you to add an image into a blog post if the file size is big. Some of the key features and benefits which I think is most of you will like are explained below.

1- SEO Optimized Image

If you are looking for increasing page speed or website load speed then this one is the best technique you can use for to reduce the page size of your website.

For example, if my file size is 5mb then I can reduce it to 10x more and result will be great as usual. All of the images I am now using are go through this website.

2- Original Pixel & Amazing Quality

The best thing about this tool is that you will not lose the original quality of the photo but you will lose the File size dramatically.

This tool is free to try but, you can also buy the premium version for PC or Mac and you can enjoy reducing the size of the photo. A tool that is recommended for the photographer.

Now, It’s your time to go the website and start using it and do remember to share this great news with friends and family.

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