Fonts License

Please note that all of the fonts available to download are not for commercial purpose (Means you can not sell the fonts but you can use those for clients project and can provide the file but you can not make profit by placing on marketplace or anywhere), These are however available on our shop to download for commercial purpose. As these fonts take times to develop so, Do share in your personal website or simply you can say proper credit to original URL of this website and not the download link. You can use all of the fonts for any personal and commercial project and can print as well, However, if you need to use it for client work or business project then, You dont need to send message or anything that you want to use it for any project as you can freely use any of the files available.

You can request if you like for product you are looking for and our designer will work on it and will be available on this free market. Just send us email with a project you are working or file you need. Please note that we are not liable for any cause or act which may occur by using our site content as you are responsible for your own act.

please note we also share design resources from all the third party designs, referral or any website link with free download link have their own license of designs usage. You can further read their policy and criteria. We will not be responsible for any kind of usage you did with designs.

Graphics, Images, Vector, PSD, Mockup and Other License

Please Read Below Questions Carefully! Thank You

Can I sell your Artwork?

All of the items and products presented here are free to use for personal and Commercial Purpose. So, You can use for client. Just try to add your own colors in the product you download to make it more unique since these freebies are downloaded by thousands of others people.

Just Keep in mind you can not sell any of the product presented here directly to any marketplace.

Can I Share your Freebie on My Website?

Please Go ahead! if you are sharing my freebies on your website, I will be sharing about your website on my articles. Both will get benefits!

I want to Hire You! But, How?

You can contact me anytime by using the contact form and I will contact you as fast as possible!

Can I edit your Free Graphic File?

Why not, please edit anything you want! add or remove elements you like. Feel comfortable!

Can I request free graphics?

Please you are most welcome to send me a personal message or you can also comment anywhere to tell me what you need.

How to use Free Graphics?

You need latest Software’s, adobe illustrator and Photoshop for further editing and modification.

Can I print your Graphics?

Yes you can!

Please let me know if you have other question in mind! I will reply you as fast as possible. Thank You for visiting and keep coming back for more goodies and articles.


FAQS Last Updated:

17th August, 2017

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