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Vector Brush SET BRUSHarmy Pack of 125+ Brushes specially made for creativemarket users. You can use these for unlimited purpose, commercial and personal purpose.

Turn Your Line Artwork into Illustration The pack contains amazing bundle of brushes which can transform your simple artwork into artistic designs that you will love to show. All of the brushes are packed in adobe illustrator cc 15 version and also older adobe illustrator version 10 and above (cs, cs2, cs3, cs4 and cs5) so, it mean it support all of the version of adobe illustrator.

RGB or CMYK It work on both colors Mode: The best thing about these brushes that these can be used on both art-board color mode like RGB and CMYK. You can print or can use for web purpose.

100% No white points/ Area You might have seen that most of the time brushes left some white spaces! well, that is not the case of these brushes. You can make any kind of artwork on any background colors. You can check images for resemble.

STROKE Brushes all of these brushes can be used only in adobe illustrator. Just double click to open or use brush panel to add these brushes. You can reduce or increase the stroke levels and they all work will fine. I am sure you will love using these brushes.

Where you can use these? Anywhere, Everywhere but in adobe illustrator 😀 Commercial and personal purpose, Make illustration, line art, fonts or anything you like! these brushes are all in one solution for you. Just buy these and you will love the way these works.

Please contact me further if you need help or you have a special question regarding this pack. I will be happy to help and assist you.

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