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graphic design trends 2017

The trend in art design is continuously changing and for this, you need to know that what people are demanding these days. Just like web design trends you also need to focus on graphic design styles. Today, I personally found some of the most trendy design news that I would like to share with you. So, Let’s get started!

1- Pixel Art

If you are a big fan of mobile games or you want to make an android or IOS Game in pixel style then you need to start learning this technique. A simple way to make pixel art is using a Grid shapes in illustrator. There are many games already on this pattern for example “Crossy Road” which follows the same style and combination of pixel art and isometric design.

2017 a new year will be focusing on this special topic as people are starting making more and more things with this.

2- Retro

retro trends
No doubt that everything that is old is returning. You will see more of the burn color combination styles and 80’s patterns that will blow the year 2017. To be honest, I personally feel that this style is underrated but, the new year 2017 will bring good news for this.

Just follow some of the basic shapes with a combo of burn blue and dark orange color and you will start feeling retro. Oh! do not forget to add a little touch of grunge and vintage effect.

3- Company Mascot

ah! everyone like to have pets and companies also like to adopt a mascot or cartoon character for their business to represent. The trend is dramatically increasing as we can see there are lots of businesses already marketing their brand with a special character.

Probably we will see more of animated version marketing from big companies using the own cartoons holding their products or with other creative ideas.

4- Minimal Logos with Backgrounds

These days people are looking not only for the minimal logo but, they also need a minimal background like using simple colors and line art and another style which we have also seen on icons.

there is no sign that minimal designs or logo trend will end this year. I guess it will continue to 2018.

5- Detailed Icons

Here, I am clearly pointing out the illustrative icons which you will see whole year. If you are on dribbble then, You probably know that every day there are tons of similar style design added. You might want to get involved in it.

Well, here you go! There are lots of other things which I didn’t mention here. But, I thought to point out the one I think will make more impact in the year 2017. What do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts right below in comment box.

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