15 Free Watercolor Texture Backgrounds calndar icon image June 11, 2016

free watercolor background

Just bought new watercolor textures brushes for Photoshop and I thought why not playing with them a little. Kind of sneak peak of what is upcoming including the free watercolor patterns, watercolor leaves designs and almost all kind of related items.

I decided to start with the backgrounds, Later I have big plan for all of my blog fans. I have made some simple watercolor backgrounds but, they all look really unique and creative enough that can be use anywhere you like. Further, You can set them as your website background or use as background overlay. No restriction for using on commercial projects. Just download and use these as free!


1- 15x Watercolor wallpapers (Backgrounds)

2- 1000×1000 Jpeg High Quality

3- Commercial Purpose and Personal Purpose.

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