How to make Watercolor Texture in Photoshop Liquid Marble

January 27, 2017

Hello and Once again Welcome to graphicspsd tutorial and today you will going to learn creating marble watercolor texture in photoshop. With the help of you this tutorial you can create similar type of artwork, illustration or anything you like so, Lets get started.

Open the photoshop Go to file and create a new document with the dimension of 1920×1080. After that select the Brush Tool by pressing the B or from the Left side. For this tutorial we will going to need a watercolor brush so, no worry I have added the link in description which you can download. So, After downloading just add in your brush area.

Now, select any brush you like. All of these are approximately similar but its upto you to decide which one you want to select.

I am using the blue color for this specific design so, Its your choice to select the best one you like. Just by using the mouse start painting the artboard but, do remember we do need few white spaces. In simple word we do not need a full colored background.

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After you done it go to filter>Liquify and select the forward warp tool and start adding your own touch by moving the mouse up and down and in different position.

Do remember that you dont forget to fill the transparent space as seen.

Click ok after you done and here you go! You have successfully created the watercolor marble texture. Print it and use it as wallpaper. If you want to know how to make a marble texture in photoshop then, do not forget to check this video, I am sure you will going to love it.

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