How to Make Watercolor Ribbons in Photoshop and Illustrator

January 30, 2017

Hello and Welcome to another tutorial from and today you will going to learn creating watercolor ribbon design in adobe illustrator and photoshop.  So, lets get started!

Open the illustrator and go to file and create a new artboard with your desired settings. Now, select the rectangle tool and draw a shape similar to this one. I will going to fill the black color and outline to none.

After that go to effect>warp> and select the flag option. Add your desired setting or similar to this one!

Once you done that then go to object and expand appearance. Now, again select the rectangle tool and draw shape like this.

Select the anchor pen tool option and add anchor point over here and after that just push the anchor inside and it will make our ribbon corners. Now, just drag this at the bottom of the ribbon design element and adjust it! Make another copy and change it position by right click transform and selecting the reflect option And choose it vertically.

Now select the ribbon flag element and go object>path and offset path and add desired setting. We just want to add the nice and clean border. I will change the color to white. Now, I will select both the elements and send them to back by pressing ctrl x and ctrl B to back.

There you go we have successfully created the ribbon design. So, you can see that now you learned creating a simple ribbon and its time to convert it into watercolor design so for this I recommend using the photoshop so just select all the elements you created and you can drag and drop to photoshop.

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Now select the magic wand tool and select the black areas. Create a new layer for adding watercolor effect.

Now, select the brush and you must have watercolor brushes But dont worry if you check this video description you will find the brushes for free to download. Do, after downloading select any brush you like.

I will going to add the combination of dark blue and light blue color for this specific design. Just start adding the colors using the mouse.

Once completed you can hide or delete the layer of vector we created earlier.

Once you satisfied with everything just go to Filter distort and ripple and add desire setting or something similar. DO remember that you must select the watercolor layer that we have just created.

Hope you enjoyed watching this video, make sure you subscribe and keep practicing the  tutorials I am uploading. If you want to know to how I made this background then, Do check this video out and I am sure you will love it! See you soon with next exciting tutorial.


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