How To Make Marble Background In Photoshop

August 20, 2017

How To Make Marble Background In Photoshop is most asked question recently and today you will be Making Marble Design is one of the famous technique these days designers loves to make. Today, I will show you exactly how you can create your own marble texture background and can also make it super fast with action that you can learn in this video. You should make marble design background in Photoshop so, Hope you enjoy the video!

Read Below Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another graphicspsd tutorial and today, You will going to learn easiest method of creating marble
backrgound and that is not all after this tutorial you will able to make marble backrgound with single click.

Cool Right? Well, Lets get started.

Open the photoshop create a new artboard and go to file and add your any image you have! Literally any image!

adjust according to artboard if you have embeded on desired artboard size like I have done now!

Now, in order to make this image into marble you need to make an action first so that after you created this image into
marble you dont need to do settings again with single click you can do it. so go to windows and make sure your action
panel is on.

Clcik on new action and give it a name like marble action and start recording! which you can see that red recording button
is working.

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After that go to fileter and select the liquify and Select the foward wrap tool from the top left corner.

Now, with the help of your mouse just drag freely around inside and this will start making your marble design. You can
also increase or decrease the size of the brush and also I recommend to start with small brush size and at end make it
larger to make it more beautiful.

After you satisfied! Click ok and that it you just made a marble design. Now, lets just stop our action and see how it
will work on new image. Again add your image reposition and after that go to action and hit play!


Now if you feel there is something missing! no worry you can always go back to liquify and change the setting! so this is
how you make marble design with single click. Now, I have a best tip for you!

You have to get high quality images and you can get commerical purpose images for free from you can
uses these images to create marble background.

Enjoy and Subscribe and Share this video! and let us know how much you like it.

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