How To Design Camouflage in Photoshop and Illustrator

October 8, 2016

Ever wanted to create your Camouflage design or Camouflage pattern in adobe photoshop or illustrator then, You must follow this simple and quick tutorial. You can easily make army Camouflage vector art design in no time. Follow the above video!


Open the Photoshop and go to file and create  a new document and make sure you select the width and height 1920×1080 pixels. After creating an artboard make sure the fill color is set to black as we will need it for tracing later in illustrator (Simply press d from the keyboard)

Go to filter> render and clouds. Then, Go to video >Other and select the high pass option. Select the radius to 36 or any you prefer. Now we will need to select all the image we created so far by pressing ctrl+a from keyboard and press ctrl+c to copy.

Go to illustrator and make an artboard with same dimension. Now, press ctrl v to paste the image we created. Drag to center or you can use the align board to align perfectly on artboard. Once you done that go to windows and select the image trace option you might need to hit advance for more settings. Just select the threshold to 128 and do similar setting. Make sure you tick the ignore white and untick the snap curves to lines click on the preview to see the changes, Done!

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Now, select the image and click on expand option to make a vector design

Now, its time for adding some colors and for this I already found some of the best suited camo color that can be used in this design. Just select all the design and change the color you like. I am using the eye dropper tool. Now make a exact art board square background and align in into center and send it to back of the design.  Select different color for the background and now by using direct selection tool you can select any of the shapes presented on artboard and can change the color. Select different color for 2 or 3 elements.

Here you go you have successfully completed making a camo design. For more design tutorials don’t forget to subscribe.

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