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How to Make Dribbble Vector Animation in Sony Vegas No After Effects

May 6, 2017

Simple vector animation of Space Planets, Meteor Shower in sony vegas. You surely want to convert your vector graphics into artwork so why not? Lets get started follow this tutorials. Free Project file you can download from: Download File If you like it then, Please share on your personal website and let other know that how easy is to create your own dribbble style animated vector graphics.…

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how to make caricature in Photoshop | Photoshop tutorial

May 4, 2017

Looking for making a caricature in Photoshop or you want to convert your photo into caricature then, This free tutorial is just made for you. You can check out this amazing step by step guide with subtitle included and can share with others. So, In photoshop  open any pic you have! I am using my own picture here! Select the magic wand or quick selection tool  and remove the background if you have! Just select the area other then your…

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How To Change Canvas Size in Inkscape

March 30, 2017

Changing artboard size in inkscape is really easy yet people are facing some problem as new beginners level always wanted to learn new things so, lets see how you can change or resize the canvas of inkscape. Its really easy and you can do it easily. You can download inkscape for free and can be used to create 100% original vector designs and you will able to make more designs from it. Its similar to illustrator but with few tools…

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